Quick substitution of two heat exchanger

A challenge in petro chemistry: A quick substitution of two heat exchanger

A chemical company on the European market faced the challenge of replacing two flawed heat exchanger during running production. Both heat exchangers were deployed to cool ammoniac. The exchange was bound to strict temporally guidelines, because failures in the production were feared. The customer approached Aggreko with this concern.

Details and solutions:

Both of the heat exchangers were equipped with a performance of about 300 kW. This performance was required in order to maintain the production and guarantee a brine flow temperature of about - 12 °C.

Aggreko came up with the following solution: two rental generator sets of the type WCC 300 were deployed. Aggreko was commissioned on the fifth of May, 2010 and delivered both generator sets the very same day. We started with the assemblage at 3.00 pm and we first put it into operation at 7.00 pm on the same day. The readmission of the production followed at 9.30.pm.

The customer had already made positive experiences with Aggreko in advance and with our work in this special case, we reconfirmed these experiences.

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