Chemical & Pharmaceutical

Aggreko's proven experience and comprehensive expertise has made it the premier resource for rental energy solutions for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Drawing from our people's vast industry-specific knowledge, we develop turnkey solutions to meet a wide range of challenges.

Aggreko improved the cooling of a sulphuric acid solution

Upon request of a customer’s proceedings department, we collectively designed a cooling plant, which was supposed to be in line with the following temporary requirement: To cool a 10% sulphuric acid solution during the production process.

Chilling of a chemical process

In petro chemistry the maintenance of the production process has the first priority. This poses a constant challenge, also for a major customer from Europe.


Kühlung von Dampfkondensaten

Industriebetriebe, insbesondere Raffinerien und petrochemische Betriebe, müssen sich umwelttechnischen Herausforderungen erster Ordnung stellen.

Quick substitution of two heat exchanger

A chemical company on the European market faced the challenge of replacing two flawed heat exchanger during running production. Both heat exchangers were deployed to cool ammoniac

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