Chilling of a chemical process


In petro chemistry the maintenance of the production process has the first priority. This poses a constant challenge, also for a major customer from Europe.

Problem presentation:

Because of a flawed heat exchanger but still a high production capacity, the cooling capacity was not sufficient to chill the ammonia gas stream. Hence the pressure in one of the atmospheric storage tanks rose. It needed to be taken into account that the stream of gas eventually had to be deaerated which would have led to considerable drops in the running production.

Aggrekos solution:

Since one of the flawed heat exchangers could not be used, Aggreko fell back upon a flexible solution. Therefore Aggreko provided a heat exchanger, which was easily integrated into the production process. To meet the customer’s needs, a heat exchanger as a rental solution with the following performance characteristics was employed: a 1500 kW chiller unit and a 3 x 500 kVA generating set to produce redundant electricity. The customer took over realization and installation himself.


In this way, the customer attained an encompassing packet solution without concerning himself with details. Since the customer had already positive experiences with Aggreko, our company was the first choice. This was for the customer’s advantage, because by this means a quick, effective and above all, reliable solution was obtained. The chiller unit was in duty for about 18 months and the production could be consistently maintained.

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