Aggreko improved the cooling of a sulphuric acid solution

Upon request of a customer’s proceedings department, we collectively designed a cooling plant, which was supposed to be in line with the following temporary requirement: To cool a 10% sulphuric acid solution during the production process.

Aggreko’s solution:

To cool a process liquid like the sulphuric acid solution a heat exchanger is required, which is adjusted to the specific physical characteristics of the product. To obtain optimal results, our engineers recommended the use of a plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel 260SMO, which should be attached to the primary circuit of our manufacturing plant for icy water of + 9°C.

It should be adjusted to a large range of thermal workload, with backflow temperatures of + 40°C. The choice of the control circuit was therefore from crucial importance. Hence, our primary circuit contained two cooling units for iced-water of our model WCC 750, whereby we were able to obtain a total cooling power of 1,6 MW. To follow the parameters of our plant, we installed a SMS-Masters-Monitoring program, which makes sure that our stand-by duty is informed about possible malfunctions via SMS.

Advantages for the customer:

One of the key advantages is here, that our solution provides a steady temperature for the process. Concomitant was of course the guarantee of operating safety for the production goods.

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