Improvement of the efficiency of a turbine

Improvement of the efficiency of a turbine
The preservation of the level of efficiency of a turbine is particularly important, in order to guarantee a steady production. In the case which is described here, our customer was looking for a solution which would maintain the level of performance of his plant even during high temperatures in the summer.

Requirements of the customer and presentation of the problem:

The performance of a turbine is proportional to the specific flow rate of the incoming air. The ingested air, the turbine has at disposal, has a lower density on hot summer days compared to the density during the winter. This lack of oxygen leads to a slowdown of the combustion process, which in turn leads to a decrease of the obtainable energy on the turbine shaft.

Aggreko´s solution:

Aggreko’s solution was to create temperature conditions on the air induction of the turbine which were equivalent to them during fall and spring. This solution included the installation of the following elements: An air cooling tank with a surface cooler, which is designed to react to changes in the flow rate conditions and the temperature of the ingested air. We used cooling units on a iced-water basis from our WCC-series, whose cooling capacity corresponds to the air change performance, with collective lines between the autonomic plant and the air-surface coolers. With this temporary plant Aggreko successfully reduced the flow rate of the ingested air, depending on the customer’s requirements, from a outside temperature from move then 30°C to as low as 18°C.

Advantages for the customer:

By this, Aggreko was able to maintain the efficiency of the turbines over the seasons. Also the five-year term of our solution was stipulated. A comparatively higher investment was hereby avoided.

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