Back up power rental

Back-up power supply with Generators and Transformators for generating Plants

It is common in conventional generating plants, as well as in nuclear power plants to apply transformators when it comes to power supply with back-up systems of the respective plant. Usually middle-sized transformators with a size from 1 to 10 MVA are applied. A fault of these transormators is usually a very challenging event for the operator.

Business challenges:

In the case of a fault, it is mandatory to shut down the plant temporarily. In this special case, the customer needed to feed his back-up systems without his own transformators due to maintenance work. Also a higher performance of the high-voltage circuit was needed for the supply of the back-up systems.

Aggreko's solution:

The customer decided to charge Aggreko with this task, because our company carries current generators which can process different voltages. With our transformators the customer found himself in the comfortable situation to convert potential of 2, 96 kV up to 22 kV into 400 V. In addition our Aggreko transformators provided comprehensive protection: Aggreko transformators stand out due to the fact that they always provide grounding and a short-circuit protection at the HS- distribution panel.

The installation of the transformators took place in no time. Once packed into containers, transport and assemblage of the transformators happened without an expenditure of time.

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