Takeover of the thermal performance of a cooling tunnel at a running system

For one of the leading manufacturer of yoghurt products the problem arose to maintain the cooling temperature inside the cooling tunnels, during extracurricular maintenance work on the manufacturing plant. In the case of a failure, the loss of several tons of yoghurt was at stake.

Requirements of the customer and problem solution:

The condition of the commissioning was to reassure that the production could continue. For a timeframe of five full days, Aggreko was able to take over the production of 35.000 m3 cold air, for this purpose.

By this capacity of cold air, it was possible to uphold a temperature of under 3° Celsius in the cooling tunnels. The feared loss of big amounts of yoghurt was hereby avoided and a steady and interruption-free production was possible. Aggreko used 300 kW and 500 kW chiller units, as well as a 100 kW air handling unit of 500 kVA.
Aggreko was able to provide the necessary know-how to solve this particular problem, so that the customer fully relied on our company.

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