Cooling of a manufacturing plant for dairy products

Refrigeration rental for milk production

A large manufacturer of dairy products faced the problem that during regular operation a leakage on the ammoniac cooling system occurred. In succession the entire production was threatened by a failure for a considerable period of time. The major difficulty was to change crucial parts of the conduits of the cooling conduit system while running operation.

Aggrekos Solution:
Owing to the experience with similar problems, Aggreko was able to provide a suitable solution for the customer. A major requirement in order to be charged with this particular order was to enable the production during repair work.

Aggreko solved this problem with the full-rental-package. Aggreko applied three refrigeration systems with recuperators and self power supply. Another requirement was the short-time provision of a comprehensive solution from a single source. Between the placement of the order and it´s realization elapsed only a few hours.

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