Support of a winery´s cooling system

One of the major winery´s of the concerning country faced the problem, that the employed cooling system reached it´s output limit during summer period. The customer approached Aggreko about solving the problem provided that it would not take Aggreko longer than two weeks.

Solution strategy:

Aggreko took over the commissioning, as well as the decommissioning. Rental generator sets with a cooling efficiency of 750 kW were employed. Just after the installation the start-up took place with the result that the winery was able to continue its production even during midsummer. The feared loss of production was thereby avoided.

Advantages for the customer:

With a performance scope of 100.00 €, the winery could access a complete troubleshooting from a single source. Aggreko was charged with the setup, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning.

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