Additional power during grape harvest

During grape harvest the requirements of obtainable electric power are from special importance. It is crucial to consider, that besides the significant increase of power consumption caused by protecting the fermentation process from coldness, more energy-intensive work incurred: such as the pressing of grapes, the running of conveyors and pumps and more essential machines for the operation of the customer´s wine cellars.

Requirements of the customer:
To adjust the fare system of the power company, the customer wanted to cap the peaks during the grape harvest, which endured a couple of weeks, by the employment of additional power sources which were independent from the regular service provider.

Aggreko´s solution:
Aggreko´s solution to these temporary power requirements was to set up consolidated generating sets and generating sets in containers.
Thereby Aggreko was able to integrate an autonomous power source within the frame of the provision of the required cooling energy. In parallel, Aggreko delivered current generators for the entire facilities of the wine stocks, as well as the connection to the switchboards. Aggreko delivered a backup generating set, which would automatically take over the power supply of the customer in the case of a system incident.

Advantages for the customer:
• A tariff arrangement, which is adjusted to the customers power consumption all year round
• The operation proceeds during blackouts of the power grid
• A limitation of your investments from the installation of a low voltage system by a extension of the wine production capacity
• The maintenance of qualitatively ideal terms, regardless of climatic circumstances
• A limitation of your investments

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