Power supply for a new organic-ethanol producing factory

For a key-account from the European area the power supply for a new-build organic-ethanol plant was supposed to be provided. The challenge of this project was taking into account, that the location of the new-build plant was not connected to the electrical grid.

Further Problems:
At the same time, several generators were required for various applications, due to the fact, that the distances between each point of consumption were too large. As a result, up to ten generators were temporarily in use, to provide the power supply for each department.

Meanwhile a profound maintenance according to operating hours, fuel management and full reliability of the generators needed to be guaranteed. The essential requirements of the customer were the avoiding of failures by all means, the insuring of planning dependability and the prevention of time losses. This uninterrupted power supply accounted for several months to meet the short of construction time.

To solve the problems and to fulfill the customers wishes one of Aggreko’s rental-solutions was utilized.
Technical details:
- 2 MVA output, 20 distribution boards, 2 km cord
- The generators were needed for the operation of cranes, offices, welding machines, etc.
- An extensive 24/7 service and surrogate generators were included.

Commercial results:
A crucial advantage for the customer was the widespread power supply, which was achievable on demand. Also important to mention are the financial benefits: With about 60.000 euro were the expenses much lower, than a temporary connection to the power grid.  

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