Thermal energy regulation

To improve the wine-quality, a tight control of the fermentation process becomes increasingly important.
In this case, the calculation of the thermal performance, which is supposed to be installed, belongs to the absolutely essential set of data, in order to be prepared for every possible situation. Attributable to these thermal calculations, climatic fluctuations can be compensated throughout years. But investing in a new chilling system to increase the current cooling capacity is not necessarily the smartest solution for a company.

Aggrekos Solution:

In this case, Aggreko offered a temporary installation of a icy-water producing aggregate during grape harvest. Hereby, the optimal vinification of the products was guaranteed without investing in a whole new system.
Aggreko delivered additional capacities for the six-week period of vinification by the installation of a Aggreko aggregate type WCC 100 with an output of 100 kW for icy-water in a circulation at +6 °C.
The icy-water was distributed to the various fermenting vessels which were equipped with plate coolers via a special supply network, installed by the company. Only the Hydraulic pump and the thermal regulation unit belonged to the Aggreko cooling unit.
With that Aggreko provided additionally required power for one of the key steps in wine production.

Advantages for the customer:

Due to this solution Aggreko was able to establish a permanently available cooling capacity. At the same time Aggreko provides a maintenance service, which is flexible adjusted to the production requirements of the customer.

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