Air conditioning of a warehouse with bottle and bulk wine.


During vinification the maintenance of a steady wine temperature, starting from the filling into tanks or barrels is a key sucess factor. A fundamental physical variable, when it comes to choosing the best air conditioning solution, are the ups and downs of the ambient temperature during the whole year.
With the beginning of summer and during wine making, the supply with cooling energy is at it´s peak. The customer needed a cold source, which was sufficient for the compensation of the increased heat supply and required maintenance of a consistent temperature of the wine stocks.

Aggrekos solution:

Aggreko was able to help the customer to find the technical solution, which was best adjusted to the requirements. At choice were different rental solutions: For example the autonomous construction for air treatment with internal air distribution, which were installed outside the building and adjusted to the features of the plant. Or climate tanks which are mounted in warehouses connected with an air distribution via fabric hoses to guarantee a completely homogenous temperature in every room.

Advantages for the customer:

The desired maintenance of a steady temperature in the wine stocks could be achieved regardless of the particular climatic seasonal condition.
During the contract period Aggreko provided a service, which was concerned with the adjustment of the production demands at an any time.

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