Maintenance of the cooling of industrial waste water

Maintenance work on cooling towers always poses a difficult and demanding task. Usually, this work is connected with the adjustment of the water cooling units. In this way it is secured that the maintenance work is even possible. Our customer approached us with this task.

The following criteria needed to be fulfilled:

During the maintenance work a cooling of the sanitary water with a 600 m³/h flow-rate should be secured. Concurrently with this the preservation of the working condition with a water temperature of +26 C° at the point of usage was to made possible. Certainly, during maintenance work all industrial processes should run without impairments. And last but not least our customer expected a safe and reliable execution of his commission.

In this case, the employment of specifically for this situation designed cooling towers was standing to reason. Due to former experiences of this kind, Aggreko was able to fall back on self-designed Cooling towers. Four cooling towers from the series CT 2500 and a hydraulic circuit were deployed. Therefore the water circulation between our plant and the manifolds for the industrial sanitary water, was still possible.

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