Heater Rental

Flexible heating for hire: the right heating, at the right time

Aggreko can provide heating options for hire, for durations from 3-days to several months, to meet your temporary industrial heating or commercial heating needs. Our specialists will offer the right solution, at the right time in order to optimise the operating costs while ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

Specialised team of heating experts for the right design setup

Our teams will do a full assessment of your process heating or comfort heating requirements and will take into account all the variables of your heating project. Our rental heating specialists will offer the heating technology that is suitable and agreed with optimised performance and cost-efficiency as our main concerns. We give you the peace of mind that you have chosen the best ratio cost vs performance for your heating plant.

A large choice of the latest rental heating technology for maximum availability

We offer the world's largest rental Heat Pumps, boilers, electric and diesel heaters fleet. Our 24/7 service ensures that we can quickly deliver your next heater equipment from one of our 200+ Service Centres. Our heating equipment include:

Construction heater Energy Lines

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Our track record:

  • Comfort heating for events
  • Commercial heating - comfort heating for buildings
  • Industrial heating - process heating
  • Construction heating and dehumidification