Cirque du Soleil

8 MegaWatt for Cirque du Soleil in Moscow

Aggreko supplies 8 MegaWatt of Heating for the first ever Show of Cirque du Soleil in Moscow, Russia!

Cirque du Soleil & Aggreko have a long history together witch started back in 1996. From providing Cirque du Soleil with rental equipment in those days Aggreko anno 2009 is delivering a full electronic controlled Power & HVAC package for Cirque du Soleil to tour without any concerns in Europe…

Cirque du Soleil

When Cirque du Soleil announced they would go for the first time ever to Russia in the winter Aggreko understood a big challenge would be to keep the temporary structures warm with possible outside conditions of -20°C. Therefore we ‘upgraded’ our existing modular system by increasing the heating capacity and delivered also around 30 extra Indirect Fired Heaters to warm up non critical areas on the site. In total 9 trucks full of Aggreko equipment left to Moscow.

The show started on the 23th of October and will end on the 13th of December 2009. Our team of specialists left for Moscow early October and before starting the build up of Cirque du Soleil another critical job was to be executed: Aggreko delivered for the German Broadcaster ZDF a Twin Pack 350 kVA to be sure that the qualifying football game Russia – Germany for the FIFA WORLD CUP™ in South Africa would be broadcasted in the best conditions.

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