temporary power and rental utility for Food & Beverage

Our experience in the Food & Beverage Industry

Aggreko has extensive experience in providing both heating and chilling equipment to the Food & Beverage Industry. Our solutions can be found worldwide at fruit or fruitprocessing plants, farms, wineries and breweries, food-storage facilities or food processors.

Mobile refrigeration and electricity generators

Our services include:

  • Seasonal or temporary cooling and cold storage of produce, dairy or meat products; suspended animation of flowers or fruits
  • Batch process cooling juices and liquids as a preparation to packaging, temperature control of fermentation processes, defoaming, defloculation of suspensions
  • Dry ice blasting for packaging or processing
  • Essence separation, concentration from tomatoes, oranges and blackberries
  • Industrial dehumidification of work areas, or drying food materials
  • TecHeat - heater rental for pest control, or pre-processing
  • Wet corn milling
  • Water cooled chiller rental and industrial air compressor rental for aeration for fish farms
  • Rice and grain chilling
  • Temporary cooling and ventilation for mushroom farms

Rental experience in food refrigeration

Our experienced technical team is on hand 24/7 to meet all your equipment or emergency needs or to work with you to solve all of your power, oil-free air or temperature control requirements.

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