Pharmaceutical Industry Rental Power and Cooling Solutions from Aggreko

Rent equipment to reduce risk and enhance productivity

When there’s no room for error, experience matters. Thanks to our years of experience with the unique needs of pharmaceutical operations, Aggreko has the rental power, heating, cooling tower and cooling equipment solution, including low-temperature chillers, you need to reduce risk, enhance productivity, and take advantage of market opportunities without capital expenditure.

We provide reliable temporary power for shutdowns, turnarounds, or routine maintenance. And we’re a leading provider of premium temperature and moisture control solutions for clean room environments.

Designed by Aggreko Process Services, our engineering process solutions help you optimize processes and eliminate bottlenecks.

Chillers hire to eliminate bottlenecks

Our Rental Equipment Solutions can help Pharmaceutical Industry to:

  • Improve cooling process during summer or production peaks to maintain or increase production
  • Improve batch reaction and reactor performance with low-temperature cooling package
  • Optimize refrigeration cycle
  • Simulate new reactor load and test refrigeration cycle via temporary heating or cooling loop with load steps using available steam
  • Maintain constant temperature in storage room with our HVAC rental solutions controlling both ambient temperature and humidification rate
  • Condense gaz to liquid for storage using condensation package including -40°C low-temperature chillers and ethylene condensers and full DCS
  • COV recovery in order to annihilate air or water contamination with process heat exchangers
  • Improve product rates and quality
  • Improving operating efficiencies and lowering costs
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and costs with air and water-cooled chiller rentals
  • Shorten downtime due to unexpected events and avoid production loss
  • Reduce venting and environmentally sensitive emissions




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