New low-emissions generators from Aggreko

Mobile and low emissions: refrigeration and power generators for rent

Aggreko, the global leader in the provision of temporary power and temperature control, today announced the introduction of its latest generation of low-emission generators. The new 1,500 kVA rental power generator from Aggreko dramatically reduces the emission of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM).

Increasingly, our customers are asking us to meet their environmental concerns. Aggreko has responded by prioritising environmental awareness – from energy efficiency and alternative fuels to air and land quality, noise reduction and refrigerants.On air quality, Aggreko understands the emissions challenge and has reviewed its operations, from the design of our equipment in our ISO 9001 factory in Scotland, to the training of our service engineers, the maintenance of our equipment to the highest standards and developing new emissions-friendly solutions.

The innovative low-emission 1,500 kVA generator from Aggreko is the first of a new generation of low-emission equipment, with major environmental benefits:

  • NOx emissions reduced by 44% compared to the standard Aggreko model
  • Through its commitment to reducing NOx emissions, Aggreko contributes to the protection of the environment and the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • Particulate Matter reduced by 76%
  • PM emissions are down to 9.2mg/m3.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions reduced by 41%
  • Aggreko CO emissions are down to 232mg/m3 .

The 1500 kVA power generators from Aggreko specifically comply with current US EPA mobile off highway regulations which Europe is yet to introduce. These new generators are therefore expected to comply with future EU laws covering mobile equipment emission regulations.

Other features include synchronisation and load-sharing capabilities, for quick and easy commissioning and operation of multi-megawatts power plants; electronic regulation for perfect stability in voltage and frequency; and fuel tanks with double-thickness walls, for outstanding environmental protection.

Increasingly our customers are asking us to meet environmental concerns. As a result, we have completed several major projects incorporating a strong environmental element.

Our 4 key areas:

Aggreko’s latest generation of emissions-friendly 1 500 kVA rental power generators is ahead of the current legislation. It enables cleaner air quality and compliance with European TA-Luft standard by reducing dramatically CO emissions and Particulate Matters (PM). NOx emissions are also reduced by 44% 


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