Air Conditioner ACHP 160

Aggreko expands its rental fleet in terms of an Air-Conditioner

Aggreko, the leading provider of rental solutions in the areas of power and refrigeration / air-conditioning technology, unveils its latest an Air-Conditioner, the ACHP160. This new facility expands Aggekos existing range of mobile air Conditonern that available in units of 50 up to 150 kW. The ACHP160 provides a cooling capacity of 100 kW with a variable air flow between 10000m m³/h and 20000m m³/h. He can also be used a kW as heat pump with a capacity of 100.
The ACHP160 has been specially designed to deliver an easily accessible air conditioning solution for all industries and events that require a reliable, flexible and cost effective solution when and where ever it is needed. It is can be used for a wide variety of applications, process optimizations on emergency assistance for large-scale projects in the sector of event.
As in all systems from Aggrekos car rental fleet, the rental of ACHP160 includes a 24-hour service on 7 days of the week, which is guaranteed by a world-wide branch network of. Aggreko will help solve problems and minimize risks and enabling its customers to productivity gains and an increase of profits.
The AHCHP160 is available on a rental basis.

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Air-conditioner ACHP160

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