Low Air Temperature Cooling
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AC Low temperature

Cool any cold store facility down to -40°C

Aggreko can provide flexible and easy-to-install low air temperature cooling solutions to meet the specific requirements of the cold storage and logistics industry.

Efficient The Cold Air Units from Aggreko offer maximum efficiency for any small-size to large-size European cold store facility, delivering 100 kW of design cooling capacity at -22°C air outlet temperature.

Quick and easy to install The machine is a plug and play built in a 20ft container, giving maximum flexibilityin transport and setup. Interference with the cold store warehouse is minimisedby installing the cold store unit outside, increasing safety and avoiding costlyinstallation fee.

Flexible and reliableThe cold store units fit a wide range of cold air temperatures and applications, from +5°C down to -40°C. Dual compressor circuits and speed drives on all of the main electrical components increase reliability.

  • Our wireless temperature sensors and standard built-in management system will efficiently control the temperature of the air, even if your system is out of order.
  • Our machine can be used as an air cooled or a water cooled machine. It can then be located inside a large cold store.
  • Temporary cooling during planned shutdowns. You can still operate your cold store while your fix cooling installation is being maintained or upgraded.
Key benefits:
  • 24/7 emergency response in case of failure - our equipment will be delivered within hours in order to safeguard the stored refrigerated products, removing the hassles and costs of moving the stocks.
  • Increasing production - seasonal production needs extra capacity. When circumstances demand, our cold air units are available on hire, avoiding any expensive upgrade of your existing warehouse.
  • Cool down to freezing temperatures - we can help you cool down to -40°C in existing cold stores, only when needed. Temperatures down to -45°C helps you to blast freeze in peak production or in case of emergency.
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