Contingency plan

Aggreko offers certainty in an uncertain world.

Aggreko contingency plan is designed to provide you peace of mind that in the event of power or temperature control loss at your premises that the right equipment can be delivered to the right place at any time day or night, reducing downtime.

Every business is vulnerable to incidents that can prevent normal operations, but Aggreko can help you prepare and plan for circumstances that may impact on your power generation or temperature control systems, so that your business can recover with minimal downtime.With the world’s largest fleet of rental power and rental TC equipment, Aggreko guarantee a rapid response, and you can also reserve equipment so that it is on constant standby; exclusively for your company.

One call is all it takes. In the event of an emergency, all you need to do is make one call to Aggreko and your power or TC contingency plan will be implemented immediately. With a dedicated team of coordinators, you can be assured that the equipment will be on your site within a few hours.

Download our brochure:

 Contingency Plan Brochure

Together we plan your peace of mind!

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