Gas generator rental for peak load coverage

Anxious to offer both the best quality service and meet environmental requirements, Aggreko offers new solutions for temporary gas generation.The gas generators of Aggreko can operate at full load, in parallel with the grid or as an independent units. Fueled by different types of gas (natural gas, landfill gas ...) these new generators emit less nitrogen, sulfur and greenhouse gas emissions than diesel generators.

Benefits of Aggreko gas power generation 

Cost efficient

  • Highly efficient gas engine technology
  • Eliminates teh nedd for large capital expenditure
  • Turn key service reduces operation and maintenance expenses


  • Generators can be utilised for a variety of power applications - in parallel with the grid supply,in island mode or for dedicated special purpose loads
  • Standardised design around 20 foot ISO containers allows rapid mobilisation,easy transportation and flexible installation
  • Modular unit configurations allow easy increase or decrease of installed plant capacity 

Reduced environmental impact

  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Low exhaust gas emissions without using expensive after treatment devices
  • Weather protected and sound attenuated package

Exceptional performance and reliability

  • Proven and time tested "Lean Burn" gas engine technology
  • Ability to operate in extreme ambient temperatures
  • Generators are designed and assembled at our own ISO 9001:2008 accredited manufacturing facility in the UK
  • 50 Hz / 60 Hz capability

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