Rental power generator sets from 30 kVA

Rental power generator sets from 30kVA

Experience, expertise and hardware – Aggreko supplies rental power generators for any conceivable situation. As a precaution for power failure or for a project with high electricity requirements, the rental generator sets and expertise provided by Aggreko guarantee a reliable power supply for a certain period of time.

We operate a power generator rental service covering all performance variables – from TowerPower from 30 kVA to containerised generator sets with an output of up to 2100 kVA.

TowerPower rental power generators from 30 to 60 kVA

Compact and efficient: the rental power generator in the "TowerPower" category can run for up to 2 weeks without refuelling. To ensure the rental generator sets are well protected against theft and vandalism, the units are installed in robust housing. Rental Generator: Tower Power

GreenPower rental generator sets from 30 to 320 kVA

Maximum reliability and minimum impact on the environment thanks to new developments in emission technology and noise insulation. Rental Generator:GreenPower

GHP2 rental generator sets from 60 to 350 kVA

GreenHushPower2 (GHP2), silenced rental power generator. These rental generator sets are particularly suitable for use in residential buildings or offices as well as for events.

Rental Generator: GreeHushPower2(GHP2)

TwinPack rental power generators from 100 to 350 kVA

This unit combines two power generators; together, they guarantee an uninterruptible power supply, providing a redundant back-up with rental power. Rental Generator TwinPack 

Containerised rental power generators from 500 to 2100 kVA

Containerised generators – First-class rental generator sets. Every unit is able to realise up to 2,100 kVA, and the unique load distribution and synchronisation system simplifies the operation of a multi-megawatt installation. Rental Generator: Container Power Gnerator

Low-emission generator sets – the 1500-kVA rental generator

Innovation from Aggreko: the 1500-kVA rental power generator features a particularly high reduction rate of up to 76% for particulate matter. 

Rental Generators: Low emission

ShowPower Generator

This Generators are designed for the Event Sector. If you need reliable power supply for your event, contact Aggreko.Mobile power supply for festivals and concerts




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