Rental Generator Container Power

Containerised power: hire a containerised power generator – for high electricity requirements

Hire a containerised power generator – it's easy with the unique synchronisation and load distribution system from Aggreko. For the simple commissioning of a multi-megawatt installation. Aggreko hires out containerised power generators in units of 600, 800, 1250 and 2100 kVA, making it possible to fulfil energy needs even for high electricity requirements and at peak load times. Our customers from industry as well as organisers of major events appreciate the reliability of containerised power when it comes to hiring power generators in a container.

The power generator units from 500 to 1250 kVA are housed in an ISO20 container measuring 606 x 244 x 260 cm (LxBxH). Our rental solution with 2100 kVA is accommodated in a 1220 x 244 x 260-cm container (LxBxH). Depending on the version, the diesel tank can hold anything from 1431 to 4125 litres. This ensures operation of up to 15 hours every time the tank is filled. Obviously you can hire a containerised power generator and add external fuel tanks – everything is from a single source with Aggreko. The low noise generation of 66 to 74 (dB(A) / 7 metres) even enables you to use containerised power within a sensitive remit, for example, for an event or in a built-up, residential area.

Hire a containerised power generator – unlimited power with Aggreko

The synchronisation and load distribution system of the containerised power generator from Aggreko enables a virtually unlimited power supply to be provided. Supply packages of several megawatts can be realised as soon as you hire a containerised power generator from Aggreko. We are even able to demonstrate this capacity at major events. Aggreko is very active in this sector; numerous events in the world of sport, music, politics and TV are powered by our rental solutions. As these customers attach great importance to the Aggreko range: service, quality and an uninterrupted power supply are the prerequisites for large-scale events. Trust in Aggreko's longstanding experience – if you want to hire a containerised power generator, then choose Aggreko.


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