Rental Generator Green HushPower2 (GHP2)

The silenced rental power generator from Aggreko

GHP2 stands for GreenHushPower2, and as the name suggests, these rental generator sets are green and silent. The narrow design of these rental generator sets also enables operation in small spaces. The rental power generators in the GHP2 range are therefore versatile in use, protect the environment from emissions and noise and present a clean rental power solution.

A project in a business park with offices, a building site in a residential area or an event that has to manage without a temporary power supply with higher noise pollution – these are all examples of scenarios in which the GHP2 rental generator sets can be used. If the power supply has to be as quiet and environmentally friendly as possible, you will find the perfect rental power generator solution here. The GHP2 generators are available in performance variables of 60, 125, 200 and 320 kVA and also offer another major advantage: these rental power generators are low maintenance.

The GHP2 rental power generator: less fuelling and maintenance

The diesel tank of the GHP2 rental generator sets from Aggreko can hold more than 1000 litres, meaning you don't need to fill up very often. In certain circumstances, an additional external diesel tank is not necessary. Depending on the version/required performance variable, it is therefore possible for the unit to run for 90 hours with just one tank of fuel. This distinguishes our rental power generators. This feature, combined with the low-maintenance technology, which requires very little on-site supervision, mean that maintenance is only required after 1000 hours of operation. This not only makes the GHP2 rental generator sets a clean rental power solution, but also a convenient one.

GHP2: silent and green rental generator sets

Aggreko is well aware of its responsibility when it comes to rental generator sets, which is why we work on designing power supplies and rental power generators with as few emissions as possible. Lower CO2 emissions are our priority and also what numerous Aggreko customers want. A rental power generator in the GHP2 range employs relevant technical methods that keep emissions to a minimum. The notion of environmental protection also applies to the area of noise generation. A temporary power supply, especially when required in sensitive areas, should not disturb residents or workers. The GHP2 rental generator sets score highly here – they feature a noise generation level of 52 to 63 dBA / 7 metres (depending on the version of the rental power generator).






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