Rental Generator Green Power

Innovative emission technology from Aggreko

Hire flexible and customised power generators and be mindful of environmental protection at the same time – this Aggreko rental solution is called GreenPower. Rental generator sets with innovative emission technology – for maximum reliability and minimum impact on the environment. Solutions for rental power, perfectly tailored to on-site occurrences and requirements.

Hire GreenPower generators: GreenPower retains noise and liquids

Rental generator sets with sound insulation and improved fluid collection facility can also be used in sensitive areas: anywhere where it is especially important that the power supply is as quiet as possible and environmental impact is kept to a minimum at the same time. Aggreko takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. With our rental generator sets, we therefore focus on innovative emission technology as well as energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly rental power solutions, whilst maintaining the reliability of the temporary power supply. When it comes to rental power solutions, maximum reliability is always our priority, as is simultaneously ensuring minimum environmental impact – you can hire your power generator from Aggreko with this additional value.

GHP 30 to GHP 500 rental generator sets: custom-made and including service

The rental generator sets in the GreenPower range come in seven different sizes – from 30 to 500 kVA. This means our rental generator set can be perfectly tailored to individual requirements in temporary power supply. This ready-to-use service offer not only includes planning, but also commissioning and supervision by qualified staff during operation. Obviously, Aggreko doesn't just hire out power generators, but also the accessories required as well, such as cables, distributors and external fuel tanks.


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