TwinPack Generators

Rental Generator TwinPack

Redundant back-up rental power generation

What would a rock concert be like without electricity? Exactly – a total disaster. The Aggreko Twinpack guarantees the uninterrupted generation and supply of rental power: this rental generator set provides a redundant back-up supply of rental power. This unit comes with two power generators that are combined and synchronised and available in an output range of between 100 and 350 kVA. Hire power generators – Aggreko offers you are whole host of possibilities here.

Rental generator sets and more: Aggreko sets the right temperature

Secure rental power generation is the be-all and end-all of any event. Regulating the temperature at an event is also extremely important in assuring its success and ensuring safety. Both heating and air conditioning in the winter months also fall into the remit of Aggreko's core competencies. Both are often requested in combination with uninterrupted rental power generation. If you are looking to hire a power generator and want rental power generation with a suitable rental generator set, just trust in the longstanding expertise of Aggreko.

The matter of hiring power generators is always on the agenda when it comes to planning events: theTwinpack power generator from Aggreko is just the solution for this. From rock concerts to the inauguration of the US president (2009) and the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (2010) – as market leader, Aggreko boasts a portfolio of impressive references within the remit of temporary power supply and air conditioning as well as rental power generation. If you are an events organiser looking to hire a power generator, reliability should be your main focus – this reliability can be ensured with a rental generator set from Aggreko. Interruption of the power supply, regardless of whether or not it's just for a short time, is simply not an option for important/large events. This is where the Twinpack rental generator set comes in – two generators that signify an uninterrupted power supply.


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