Milestones in our Energy Rentals History

Milestones In Our History

  • 1962 Founded in the Netherlands
  • 1973 UK business established in Scotland
  • 1984 Aggreko became a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly traded Salvesen Group
  • 1986 Entered U.S. Power rental through acquisition of Electric Rental Systems Inc.
  • 1987 Entered the temperature control rental business through the acquisition of
  • Mobile Air and Pierce Industrial in the US
  • 1989 Entry into the Asia Pacific region with acquisition of Yeow Kong Electrical Company in Singapore
  • 1990 Aggreko opened first permanent facility in Middle East
  • 1997 De-merged from the Salvesen Group to become a separately quoted plc on the London Stock Exchange
  • 2002 Aggreko is the official Temporary Power Generation and Distribution Services Supplier for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games
  • 2004 Aggreko established national and regional customer service centres for the US, UK, South and Central Europe
  • 2005 Major contract in Uganda to supply 50MW of power
  • 2006 Major contract in Kenya to supply 100MW of power
  • 2006 Aggreko acquires GE Energy Rentals
  • 2009 Entered FTSE-100
  • 2010 Celebrated 10th Olympic Games
  • 2011 Super Bowl Championship Game, Dallas Texas
  • 2012 Aggreko is exclusive supplier of temporary energy service for London 2012 and tier3 sponsor.



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